How do you know if you’re Pregnant?

December 10th, 2011

If you’ve not been pregnant before, there’s every tendency for you to be confused when you’re hoping to be. Sometimes, young ladies who just married get worried about knowing when they are pregnant. Some unmarried ladies who indulge in sexual games also worry about being pregnant without knowing how and when. If you’re in such categories of ladies; how do you know if you’re pregnant?

It’s very easy to answer this question. There are many ways through which you can discover you’re pregnant. You have to take note of some common signs of pregnancy that may be showing in your body. Let’s discuss some of them.

• Missed Period
Your menstrual cycle ought to be running on monthly basis. When you miss that in any month, you may have taken in. However, missed period is not always a sure sign of pregnancy. It can also be as a result of anxiety, emotional shock or physical illness. But, if you’re pregnant, the menses won’t run.

• Incessant Urination
If you begin to urinate frequently, it may be because you’re already pregnant. Frequent urination is actually one of the early signs of pregnancy. When your uterus begins to swell, your bladder is pressed downwards thereby causing you to urinate frequently.

• Frequent Vomiting
If you’re pregnant, you’re likely to be vomiting from time to time. You’re sure to have nausea almost on daily basis. This is usually noticed at the early stages of pregnancy.

• Dizziness and Fatigue
If you begin to feel dizzy and weak unusually, that may be because you’re already pregnant. In the early stages of pregnancy, women usually feel restless, dizzy and weak. This is because of the changes going on in their bodies. From time to time, you may even feel sleepy. This is because of the hypnotic effect of the pregnancy hormone known as progesterone.

• Increased Vaginal Discharge
When you begin to experience increased vagina discharge, you might actually be pregnant. This kind of discharge is usually odorless, thin and white. If the discharge has foul odor and is also colored, you may be having another problem altogether. At this point, you really need to see a gynecologist.
• Tender Breasts
If you begin to notice your breast enlarging at the nipples, it may be because, you’ve taken in. The breasts tend to become tender and bigger when pregnancy occurs.
The above points are the very common signs you have to watch out for when thinking of being pregnant. However, you still have to confirm your thoughts by going for pregnancy test. It’s not healthy to presume when it comes to pregnant issues. You must visit a gynecologist in order to confirm the situation. In most medical lab, urine and blood tests are usually conducted. Later on, an ultra scan is also conducted to prove the validity of your pregnancy.

pregnant ladies or new mama’s what symptoms did u have that could have predicted gender?

May 14th, 2013

I am 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant!! What were some of your EARLY pregnancy symptoms that you think looking back could have helped you guess the gender of your baby easier? For example some say excessive morning sickness means a girl, etc?

My symptoms:

Just extreme fatigue in the mid-afternoon.
Peeing SLIGHTLY more frequently
Slight nausea HERE and THERE–but nothing crazy at all
A little more hungry then usual

Chinese Lunnar Calendar to find out sex of the baby?

May 14th, 2013

Did you use it? Did it work?

Thank you all for letting me know.. maybe is just something to have fun with?
It did not work for my first pregnancy either and I dont know about this one because it is too early to tell.

can I be pregnant without any symptoms?

May 14th, 2013

If I am pregnant I would be about 20 wks now and at first I noticed a few slight changes in my breasts but now there is nothing at all. I’m still getting a period but the cramping is ten times worse than usual, I’m also feeling slight fluttering sensations in my abdomen. I took 4 pregnancy tests early on and they were all negative.

Anyone out there have last period on or around May 29?

May 13th, 2013

I know these questions seem intrusive, but it helps to compare my calendar with yours.

When did you have sex?

When are you expecting next period?

Any preg symptoms yet?

Thanks SO much!
Thanks ladies! Has anyone tested positive yet??

Could a girl get pregnant while having unprotected sex on her period? Or is it a myth?

May 13th, 2013

I have heard that if u have unprotected sex on ur period there is a very good chance you WONT get preggo… is this ture?

PS: this didnt happen to me and im not thinking about doing this, im just wondering…


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