40 weeks pregnant cervix closed, schedualed induction next week (really long!)?

ok so i am now 40 weeks pregnant today was my due date, they had me come in for a regular appointment and the did that fetal monitering thing with the contractions and stuff…so my dr. who i presume is an idiot because she couldnt read the chart at all – looked at it and said it was perfect (after it was over) came back into the room looked at the SAME paper and said this doesnt look good…left the room and came back in and looked at it again and showed one of the nurses- and my OB/DR said “it was questionable so the would send me to the hospital. She checked my cervix, said it was closed, and felt for my sons head ( Oh my god it hurts when the push on your pelvis) she said yep thats his head im sure of it, leaves the room and says she needs to gimme an ultrasound because she wasnt sure if it was his head or not, then has the nerve to ask me “you know your pregnant right?” TOTALLY SERIOUS. my husband was like are u F*ing kidding me? anyway she sent me to the hospital for the same tests and they said i was perfectly fine: And they estimated his weight at 8 pounds 11 ounces so far…OH MY GOD! so here are the questions for you guys:
1- my dr. schedualed me for an induction in one week-does it hurt?
2- my cervix is still closed, does this mean i am nowhere near delivery?
3- at 8 pounds 11 ounces right now..do you think im likely to get a c-section? is the baby too big?
4- they never told me if i were soft or effaced or anything- should i assume im not? (didnt ask the dr because shes a quack)
5- i really wanted to do this birth natural ( sex is painful ) and everything i do seems to not work any ideas?
6- could i still go into labor today? having been closed and everything?
7- HOW ACCURATE is an ultrasound at measurements of weight ??
i know this is long but im at the point where he needs to MOVE OUT! especially since hes 8 pound 11 ounces already ( im 183 and started at 135)

please somebody help me out the dr.s are no help and i dnt trust them to be honest..


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  1. Janett Says:

    1- This is my first pregnancy, so i can’t really answer if it’s painful but i’ve heard it is. Since your body is being provoked and it’s not doing it naturally.
    2-Your cervix being closed doesn’t mean your no where near delivery, it just means it’ll probably take longer for you in labor for you cervix to be ready.
    3-As for the weight it’s possible but not 100% for sure it all depends on how the baby cooperates also. That is pretty big though.
    4-About being soft probably not i your cervix is closed still, i’m 1cm and still not soft (37 weeks).
    5-Try walks at night, warm baths, sitting on the birthing ball (it’s helped me a lot for hip & back pain), I’ve heard nipple stimulation helps going into labor. Also massaging your foot (ankle, the soft part inside helps?) I’m not sure if you’ve heard about castrol oil before, but don’t try it it can cause birth defects.
    6- You could go into labor at anytime it’s all on your body.
    7-You’ve gained a whole deal, so it’s possible he does weigh this. yet their not always accurate. My friend was told her baby would nearly weigh 5 pounds when she was going into labor, yet he weighed almost 8!

    I hope i was of help i put alot of thought into it, good luck and best wishes for easy labor! :)

  2. Lynn D Says:

    Hey I’m lynn I’m a midwife I can help you please send me a message my id is lynndoy2000 I hope to hear from you soon

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