At what age can a female cat get pregnant? And when do cats start to mate?

I am bringing home a brother and sister kittens. I understand that they can mate so I am wondering;

When do cats tend to start to have sex?
When can a girl cat get pregnant?
How early can you neuter a male?

Thank you!


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  1. Connie S Says:

    1) when the female goes into heat. any male will mate with any female… brother, uncle. son.. doesn’t matter.
    2) when they go into heat for the first time somewhere between four and six months
    3) if you have a vet who does pediatric neutering, then at 2lbs or about 10- 12 weeks.. a lot of vets want to wait till they are six months, but there is nothing wrong with doing them a little earlier.. pediatric altering has no side effects in cats., and many benifits, like reduced accidental pregnancies, and recovery time from the surgery.

  2. saja s Says:

    a kitten will go into heat when shes about 7 months at that time the kitten will be able to mate and get pregnant.

  3. OhIDoDoI Says:

    I believe most cats reach sexual maturity at around around 6 months of age, and most vets will fix your cats between 5 or 6 months. Some will fix much earlier than that also.

  4. yhans5108 Says:

    Cats can mate and have their own babies when they are as young as 6-7 months. Kittens should be neutered or spayed when they are 4-5 months old.

  5. Johnna H Says:

    first of all yes brother and sister can mate but would not recommend it and you can have them fixed as early as 12 weeks.they can go into heat at 6 months of age.that means they will start having sex.

  6. messy_beast Says:

    Heat (oestrus) in the female is goverend by bodyweight rather than age. Once she is close to her full bodyweight she can start to call for a mate. That could be as early as 5 months or as late as 12 months. She can get pregnant the very first time she starts calling.

    Check with your vet. Early-age neutering is becoming more and more common now that anaesthetics are becoming even more safe. Some vets will neuter as young as 8 weeks if the kitten is healthy.

  7. luna6killer Says:

    Oh boy, you do like to ask the hard ones don’t you? LOL Basically a female cat can come into estrus anytime after they are 4 mos old but usually around 6-8 months of age. I’ve had cats who didn’t come into heat/estrus until they were a year old and one as young as 4 months so there is no set age or time – it depends on the breed or their development.

    If you have brother and sister kittens, you definitely want to get them neutered. Easiest sex to neuter is the male and it can be done at 4 months of age. I know that vets do spay/neuters on 8 week old kittens but personally I disapprove of this and think it’s too early to do it and too hard on the kitten. Since you probably will not have any problems until they are around 4 months of age, you should have time to set up an appt with a good vet or a clinic and get one neutered before problems arrive.

    Just so you know, if a cat can come into heat, they can become pregnant and usually do if bred so the sooner the better with the neutering.

    Altho I am sure you realize that a brother/sister mating is not a desirable thing, I will just say that it doubles up on any bad genes when this happens and increases the likelihood that the kittens will not survive or will have some sort of problems. Most reputable breeders will NOT breed brother to sister for any reason – just too closely related!!

    Good luck and kudoes for asking questions and planning on getting your kittens neutered!

  8. Percy-and-Penny Says:

    Don’t wait to find out. Kittens can be spayed or neutered once they’re eight weeks in age and two pounds in weight. If they’re any younger than that you shouldn’t be taking them – kittens should be with their mother till they’re at LEAST that age – 10 to 12 weeks is even better.

    Are you getting these kittens from a shelter or from someone selling them/giving them away? If it’s latter you’re going to end up spending about $300-$400 per kitten to get them altered, up to date on shots, deflead, dewormed, tested for disease and microchipped. If you got them at a shelter for about $100 per kitten that would all be covered. And if you’re getting them from an individual you run a REALLY good chance of getting a kitten that has Feline Leukemia or FIV because odds are their pregnant cat was one that was allowed to roam loose and interact with lots of other loose cats and strays.

    Some vets (and shelters) are behind the times and put off the procedure until the animals are six months in age. They CAN possibly mate and get pregnant before this time. Hopefully soon all vets and shelters will follow the early spay neuter method. I find it rather idiotic they don’t because adopting out an unaltered animal leaves open the possibility of breeding. A lot of people can’t be trusted to bring back an animal or take it to their vet when it’s “old enough” and then the animal ends up breeding and yet more animals are put to death at shelters since there aren’t enough homes for them.

    I must say it’s quite refreshing to see someone asking a question about how soon they can spay and neuter. Quite a contrast to all the irresponsible people on here with their questions about their pregant cat or new litter of kittens.

    Edit: ” I know that vets do spay/neuters on 8 week old kittens but personally I disapprove of this and think it’s too early to do it and too hard on the kitten” This is COMPLETE BS. Spaying/neutering them earlier is EASIER on the kittens than waiting. Search early/spay neuter on the web and you’ll see. I’ve seen kittens the day after a spay or neuter already jumping around and ready to play. We actually end up having to put them in smaller cages just so they don’t pull stitches out of eagerness to play! Please don’t believe the comments of someone who obviously doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

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