Can dry mouth be an early pregnancy sign?

Just wondering.. I’m wondering if I might be pregnant (too soo to test though), my mouth is like ..cotton mouth, very dry.. feel like i should drink a lot of water, though i have no desire too. just wondering if anyone else experienced this as a sign of pregnancy.

Also wondering if a lack of [usual] CM during what should be the height of my ovulation time is also an early sign of pregnancy?



3 Responses to “Can dry mouth be an early pregnancy sign?”

  1. Cole Says:

    Actually, one of the symptoms is the opposite (which I have/had since the beginning). Over salivating is a sign. Not heard of anyone having dry mouth caused by pregnancy.

  2. Nina Xoxo Says:

    idnt think so.

  3. Jenny B Says:

    Pregnancy actually makes your mouth produce extra saliva- Ive never heard of drymouth during pregnancy. Most of my friends and myself have complained about drooling at night ;)

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