can u feel a baby’s heatbeat when your pregnant?

well ive missed my period and have been vomiting some, craving pickles,lemons, and cheese. i dont know if im pregnant or not but whenever im laying down it feels like a heartbeat in my stomach and its different that my regular heartbeat and my husband listened to my stomach and he could hear it. is it possible to hear a baby’s heartbeat? and if so, how soon?
well sometimes it does feel like its moving around. how early do they start moving in there? are there any other symptoms that u could tell me that i could see if i relate to?


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  1. starryeyed Says:

    Nope, need a monitor.

  2. trobop Says:

    i think you can, as soon as he’s big enough. If he’s just peasized, i don’t think

  3. man from ME Says:

    too much

  4. Kacky Says:

    No, the heart is too small. You can only feel movement, and that’s much later. You need instrumentation in order to hear the baby’s heart. Pregnancy, or just the stress from wondering if you are pregnant, can get your intestines all noisy and you swear there’s something moving in there.

    You can feel the baby move any time after 4 months.


  5. Alice223 Says:

    yeah you can go to a nurse practioner at your school or get a pregnacy test.


    No. You can get your husband/boyfriend/lover/bit on the side to hear it but make sure he can’t hear your heartbeat.

  7. sillyshas Says:

    Your having a baby, how sweet. I think you can feel the baby’s heartbeat anytime. But just to make sure that your pregnant I’d see a doctor, he can tell you when you can feel a heartbeat better than anyone here.

  8. Jelly Beanz Says:

    no, you cant feel the baby’s heart beat yet. You actually have a heart beat in your stomach the same as you can feel it in your writs and neck. Later in pregnancy if your husband puts his head on your belly and the baby is laying the right way you can sometimes hear it though.

  9. cowgrl3611 Says:

    You shouldn’t be able to hear the baby’s heart beat with out the doctor help until late in your pregnancy. The baby heart beat starts around 7 weeks but is very faint and you need powerful equipment to pick it up

  10. Amber Says:

    the heart dosnt develop till week 5 so… since you’ve messied your period go get a test!!!

  11. Jamie J Says:

    No, especially not in that early. A monitor cannot even detect a baby’s heartbeat until 6-8 weeks in. I would see a doctor.

  12. love me despite it all Says:

    I would not think it is possible to hear your baby’s heartbeat so early in a pregnancy. However having had three children I know the sound you are referring too. It is your stomach making those noises. Good luck to you and yours sounds like your pregnant!!!

  13. Coda2 Says:

    No that soon! You should get tested to see. You can normally feel hic ups but that is later on and you would definately notice the tummy change. Heartbeat is usually heard only with a stethescope placed on our tummy, later in pregnancy.
    You might be hearing bowel sounds – yours.
    Only to know if you are preg or not is to get tested and soon.

  14. Brianna B Says:

    Even when the baby is big you need a monitor, or at least a stethoscope to hear a baby’s heart.

  15. JENN Says:

    unless your far along (about 6mo) you cant hear the babys hb. by ear, u can with one of those nifty fetal hb monitors. take a test or go to the doc, thats only way to see if you are pregnant. when ur about 8mo (when ur baby is almost fully developed you can see the rhythm of his hb) your belly will move up and down its awesome… anyways, good luck and congrats if u are preggo. :)

  16. kala Says:

    You can’t feel your baby heartbeat inside your stomach. And no you can’t hear the heartbeat you can hear them moving around.

  17. Daddy's Girl Says:

    no; more than likely what you felt is your own pulse from the inferior vena cava and what your husband heard was probably an echo of your own heartbeat passing through the intestine. you can’t really hear a baby’s heart beat until you are roughly 4-5 months pregnant unless you have a medical doptone. then it can be heard as early as 9weeks. good luck!! hope everything works out for you.

  18. kd baby Says:

    no you cannot hear the babys heartbeat unless you have a machine and then you can hear it around 12 weeks

  19. Katrina Says:

    No, not in the beginning. If you can’t fel movement, you can’t feel the heartbeat.
    But you can feel the heartbeat around the 3rd trimester…i have with both of mine. Too early yet for this one (19 weeks)
    Why don’t you get a pregnancy test to be sure.
    Sometimes if you have a strong h/b you can feel it through your veins or muscles.
    When i’m in my last month of pregnancy you can see a heartbeat through my skin, it’s really annoying after a while but cool at the same time. but this early, no, that wuold be your heartbeat or a twitch…congrats if you are pregnant though.

  20. shelle007 Says:

    a baby’s heartbeat cant be picked up until around the 12th week and then only by a special stethoscope. I highly doubt anyone could hear it with a bare ear. You are just feeling your own pulse. Take a pregnancy test and also make an appointment with your OB/GYN.

  21. aleondra_iris Says:

    Hi. It’s really not possible for you to hear the baby’s heartbeat by just listening using your ear. And you can’t feel it inside either (the heartbeat) . You can hear the baby’s heartbeat using a doppler instrument. It amplifies the sound of the heartbeat at the age of 3 months in your womb. It can be heard using a stethoscope at the age of 5 months but it is a little tricky and hard to find if you are not a doctor or nurse. You have to place it precisely at the back of your child, and press it so you can hear it. You can feel your child moving in your womb as early as 6-7 months. Try buying a home pregnancy test kit and visit your doctor. it is never to early to have a prenatal check up to make sure that you and the baby will be well until he/she is born. Goodluck

  22. Sol Says:

    No, it’s too small, we can not fell it.

  23. bluez Says:

    Not that early.

  24. tinaguhc Says:


  25. Memphis Kitten Says:

    No, you can’t feel your baby’s heartbeat. A doctor uses a special stethescope called a dopler to hear this. Your heartbeat will increase during pregnancy and this is what you are feeling.

  26. LittleRoo Says:

    You can’t feel/hear the heartbeat…you need a monitor for that. And you can feel the baby moving (for 1st time prenancies) around the 18th week or so.

    If you are saying you missed your period and don’t know if you’re pregnant then you must be in the very early stages…a couple weeks pregnant at the most. That early you are unable to feel the baby or the heartbeat.

    I am 21 weeks and only my Dr’s doppler monitor can pick up on the baby’s heartbeat.

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