Can water pills cause a pregnancy test to be negative?

I am on HCTZ and 2 weeks late for my period with all pregnancy symptoms but a negative home pregnancy test. Could I be pregnant and what would cause a water pill to create a negative test?


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  1. amber_gorgie Says:

    No, but it does cause potassium depletion so be careful. Stop taking them, go see your healthcare professional that prescribed them and take the pregnancy test (blood) while you are there. If you believe you may be pregnant don’t take any more RX until you decide what you will do.

  2. bumpfashion Says:

    If you are trying to get pregnant I would check with the doctor about the pills. They would not cause a negative test though!
    Good Luck!

  3. N G Says:

    Forget the home pregnancy testing as they can be unreliable in certain situations, go to the doctor and request a bloody test.


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