Can you use pregnancy tests on dogs and if you cant how can you find out if your dog is pregnant right away ?

Well we have a full grown pom and I desperatly need to know how to find out if she is pregnant. We are going to go on a cruise right about the time she would give birth according to when she mated. We are pretty sure that she is pregnant, but I really want to make sure. We were told that you cant find out if a dog is pregnant until after 27 days. Does anyone know how I could figure out if she is pregnant right away without taking her to the vet. She doesnt seem to be getting any bigger, so im wondering.It has only been about a week and a half though. Hurry serious answers only please.


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  1. *~~Jera~~* Says:

    Taking her to the vet is really the only thing you could do. A pregnancy test won’t work……………….!!

  2. Melissa N Says:

    I don’t know I just use a PT test on my Toy poodle and it came back neg. so I’m not sure if it works or not I’m in the same boat as you are good Luck!

  3. Kim M Says:

    no a pregnancy test tests for a specific hormone produced by women when they become pregnant dogs do not produce human hormones it would be a waste of money

  4. megabytes1234 Says:

    I think you need to call a vet and ask them, there is 24 hour emergency lines, and if you are that desperate for an answer then call them, but remember, even if your pooch is preggers, they have a built in thing for them to know what to do, dogs have been having puppy’s for years, even if she does have it while you are not there, hell even if you are there, they dont tend to run up to you and let you know they are in labor, they just start and finish sometimes without you knowing it, I mean you could cancel your cruise and then all of a sudden wake up one morning and have puppies. But seiously if you want to find out if you can use a P.T. on a dog I think you need to call a 24 hour vet

  5. Alyssa J Says:

    No, you cannot use human pregnancy tests on dogs. The only way to know for sure is a vet ultrasound/xray which they usually won’t do until within 2 weeks of the dog’s due date.

  6. michelle m Says:

    no thats a little silly

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