Do pregnancy test from the 99 cent store work?

I’m wondering if I’m pregnant and i notice that the 99cent stores sell pregnancy test. my boyfriend and i are a little low on money this week, and I’m taking into consideration in buy in a pregnancy test from the 99 cent store. Do they really work?


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  1. Midwest Says:

    Yes, they work the same way as other tests they measure the level of hcg in your urine. The only thing is they may not be as sensitive as the more expensive ones. So you may have to wait a bit longer to test.

  2. Softman25 Says:

    If they don’t, in theory you can sue them for supplying crappy goods, or sue the producers for producing crappy goods. I forget who you sue though, to be honest.

  3. Charles Charleston Says:

    oonly if u rub the end witt penut oil and indusral semen

  4. Judy Day Says:

    1-50 PERCENT

  5. TaraH Says:

    With all honesty i have had the best luck with the dollar store tests. i spent like 30 dollars on 2 tests from walmart and got a different answer on both and well since at that time i spend that much on two test and got no real answer i had no choice but to go to dollar store and i got 2 test and both game out positive. I have 3 kids and every dollar store test i have taken has been correct. even if the line is very faint it was always a positive. i very very much believe in them and they save u a whole lot of money. depending on how much money u have to spend on them form the dollar store i would get 2 or 4. just that way if u u get two that say no that take the other two to see what they say u get my point i sure

  6. Doodlestuff Says:

    Yes, they do, but they are not the early tests. You have to wait until your period is late before taking.

  7. Tinker-lynne Clarke Says:

    go to
    you can get a good one for like $1.99
    i wouldnt trust the dollar store ones

  8. STEE! Says:

    Yep, they work a treat, in fact they are incredibly sensitive and should pick up an accurate result quickly.

    They are only ‘cheap’ because you aren’t paying for a fancy plastic cassette to hold while you pee, you have to collect your urine in a small cup and dip it in etc, but if you follow the steps correctly, it should be as accurate as any other pregnancy test.

    The tests from baby are the same as the dollar tests…both just as accurate as each other!

  9. BlueBunny Says:

    If it was me, I would just buy something with more quality than from 99 cent store. You want accurate results anyways.

  10. Rachel D Says:

    Yep work just as well as the expensive ones, just without the bells and wistles and money spent on advertisement and a pretty box. I think it funny people who believe them to be lower quality because they’re only a buck. lol they’re being tricked into buying the pricey ones because of their own stupidity, oh well, they’re money, not mine. Take this into consideration- I got my positive on a dollar store test and went to the doc to confirm that I was pregnant. They took a urine sample and took this thin, completely simplistic paper stick pregnancy test and dipped it in the urine…it too came back positive. That further proved to me that even the simplist designs are just as good if doctors are willing to use and trust them. Just my opinion.

  11. Rose Says:

    I would not really rely on them, I have personally taken them and they gave me a false test result.

  12. Robin Says:

    yes! THEY WORK AWESOME! i took a 99 cent pregnancy test with both of my pregnancies and all came out positive. i wouldnt spend money on any expensive pregnancy test. the expensive ones work too but why waste the money when you can get a cheaper one that gives the same results? clinics use the same tests as the dollar ones, iv seen them and iv asked. yes its true. i suggest taking it the day your period is due or after. good luck
    here is one of my test strips:

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