Does a dog have to be in heat to get pregnant?

I know it sounds silly because you usually wait for them to be in heat, but do they HAVE to be? My neighbors dog was in the yard today with ours, and we dont know how long they were together. Could she possibly be pregnant?


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  1. Jashebe Says:

    It could be your dog started heat recently, so she could be. Call the vet tomorrow and have your dog spayed.

  2. ThePitBullLover Says:

    No your dog does not have to be in heat to get pregnant…Take her in for an emergency spay….NOW

  3. Jonas Luver Says:

    yeah she could’ve just started heat and u didn’t realize it. but i think they have to be in heat to be pregnant

  4. Emma W Says:

    Yeah, they HAVE to be in heat. You might want to ask the Vet if she is or not, but you should not have to worry about it if you keep her away from the other dog if she is not pregnant.

  5. Hollister Says:

    no but the female is more receptive when she is

  6. BYB's kill puppies! Says:

    yes a female dog HAS to be in heat to get pregnant.

    If you dont know this, then you have NO buisiness allowing your dog to get pregnant. Pregnancy and whelping are VERY risky, expecially when the owner is not knowledgeable on dog breeding.

    Get your dog spayed ASAP!

  7. Stalkers are cowards & thieves Says:

    Ovulation ONLY occurs in ESTRUS!!!
    Bitches will NOT accept a dog unless they are ovulating.
    WHY ISN’T IT *******SPAYED************????????

  8. Star Says:

    It doesn’t matter how long they were together.If you don’t want pups take her to the vet now.

  9. voice0f Says:

    It is possible. Get your dog neutered and you won’t have to worry about that. Also, neutering your pet helps keep your pet healthier by preventing certain cancers, less aggressive and less likely to run away. Please SPAY AND NEUTER: It saves lives!!!!!!

  10. christinejambazian Says:

    A dog can’t get pregnant in the heat cuz heat is just heat. In order for a dog to be pregant is if he/she mates with another dog. To answer your question, maybe she is pregant or she might not be cuz maybe there was just playing with each other. When I said play, I meant that maybe they were chasing after each other. Stuff like that, u know. If u wanna make sure if your dog is pregant or not, take your dog to the vet so she can get checked.

  11. Rayven-Fried Sea Kittens Anyone? Says:

    A dog has to be in heat to be able to get pregnant. Get your dog spayed and you won’t have to worry about heats or pregnancies ever again.

  12. Swanny Says:

    Yes, a bitch must be in heat to get bred. However, the symptoms may have gone unnoticed by you as they are sometimes rather subtle. However, most females will not allow a male to mount them if they are not in heat.

    You want an easy way to find out? Bring the neighbors dog back over and see how they behave. If she was in heat today she will most likely still be in heat tomorrow. If the male tries to mount then he most likely tried to mount today as well. It doesn’t mean he got it done but I bet he tried.

    P.S. Apparently you are not allowed to use the proper term for a female dog on Yahoo. I posted this response and saw that they edited the word out. Come on people, grow up.

  13. TigerEye Says:

    The only time a dog can get pregnant is when they are in heat. If you dog is in heat and the neighbor dog was in your yard, it’s a possibility that she may be pregnant.

  14. bybers are the best breeders :) Says:

    yes they have to be in heat to get pregnant.

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