homemade pregnancy test!?

ok so i did a couple that i read about on this site….its was a sugar one where you pee in a cup of a sugar and it clumps up and doesnt dissolve then your pregnant…then see in a cup of bleach if it fizzes then your pregnant…i dont know how reliable these are and i do have a dr’s appointment on monday, cuz i am a week late for my period…anyhow they came back that i am pregnant! lol….

does anybody else know of any other homemade pregnancy test? i know that i should go to walmart or the dollar store and buy a test but these one are so much fun to try and my dr is gonna confirm it anyhow! so no judgin and telling me to go to the store and buy a stick! i already know that! just any ideas? i already know about draino and wouldnt even try it…i also know about the rabbits, pine sol, and dandelions…gonna try the dandelion one tomorrow when i can see to find one…lol… thanks in advance!
i am not being cheap, sticks dont work for me but thanks for nothing, i have to get the blood test…like i said i was just doing this for fun! READ THE QUESTION STUPID!


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  1. Ashley Says:

    Quit being cheap and get a dollar test at Dollar Tree..

  2. SoNotTheTypical Says:

    i personally have never heard of a homemade pregnancy test . i have heard of the homemade gender predictors . sorry i cant be help

  3. Kylie B Says:

    wow i didnt even know there were home test like that ,
    i wonder how reliable they are . proably just old wives tales tho hey ?
    where did u read about them ??
    im curious , it would be fun to try them all , lol

    if i was pregnant again i dont think i would be able to wait till i got to the doctors to confirm it , i would be peeing on every stick there was , hahahah

  4. ˙əəuəɹ əɥʇ Says:

    Your question is very interesting. I didn’t think there was such a thing. But after a few clicks on google I pulled up a couple of pages. Try googling it. Super interesting…

    Thanks for the read! :)


  5. Shel Bell Says:

    Hey so I used one of your options for fun and did the bleach and sugar! Haha! Well the bleach did bubble..and Iv been having a hard time finding out if I’m pregnant or not (my latest question iv posted will explain) so I tried it! And sugar hasn’t desolved just settled on the bottom

  6. <~~Mz.c@rr!llo~~> Says:

    Yes, there were ancient forms of pregnancy tests. So if you’ve got some wheat and barley, go ahead and pee on it. If germination occurs, it could mean you’re pregnant.

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