How can I produce milk in my breast without being pregnant?

I’m not pregnant but I was wondering if you can still produce milk and how you can do that?


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  1. doug Says:

    If only there was a way to “produce” some brain in your head…

  2. Bark Says:

    You have to massage your breasts with powdered milk.

  3. BeaverEater Says:

    You have to let a guy keep sucking on your nipples until something comes out

  4. beckie-may brickwood Says:

    theres only one way & thats getting pregnant…. and anyway why do you wanna produce milk in your breasts?

  5. Mya789 Says:

    Nipple stimulation releases oxytocin which promote the production of milk in the glands, you would have to do this for several hours of the day everyday for a while. Hormone treatments can also be given to adoptive mothers of newborns wishing to breastfeed.

  6. Brenda S Says:

    Milk production is controlled by hormones and the hormones are released naturally in response to nipple stimulation. Prolactin (milk) and oxytocin (love) are released and if prolonged enough and regular enough, say 10 minutes, 4 times a day or more, the glands in your breasts will start to grow in preparation to make milk. Most women get about a 2 cup size increase. It is simulating having a baby suckle except that you won’t make any milk unless someone actually does suckle, or you can use a pump. Maintaining high prolactin levels is what makes it work. It could take weeks before you notice the difference and it won’t work if you skip a few days but it does work and it’s free, and it also prevents breast cancer.
    Many women find this a great comfort especially if they could not have children.

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