How can you find out your pregnant without taking a pregnancy test?

So me and this guy were messing around about 2 1/2 weeks ago and i think i may be pregnant. I have some of the symptoms, i’m thinking.. I’m 14 years old and i dont think telling my mom would be the best idea until i find out for sure if i am. I can’t go buy a pregnancy test without my parents finding out. What do i do?


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  1. Logan and Ella's Mommy Says:

    A doctor.

    I’m sorry but you can’t diagnose pregnancy without a test or a doctor. How do you think your parents will find out? Go to the store, buy a test and take it in the store’s bathroom or at a friends house. It’s simple.

  2. Mommy 2 B Says:

    First of all take a test, second of all don’t have sex unless your ready to have a baby, thrid of all the only other way to find out is to wait until a baby pops out….not a good idea for you or the baby. Tell your parents.

  3. Alyssa's mommy Says:

    You can’t stop at a drug store on the way home from school and buy one? Then just hide it in your backpack and pee it on secretly? And then carry the trash with you to school to safely dispose of without your parents ever knowing?

    You can wait a few weeks, and if your period is many weeks late you can safely assume you are pregnant… and then you will need to tell your mom.

  4. Rachel G Says:

    You can’t find out without a pregnancy test, either a home kit or at the doctor’s office. Some women experience the typical signs of pregnancy while others don’t. You just won’t know for sure unless you get tested. There’s no other way. Find a pregnancy clinic in your town where they will treat you for free. And if it’s negative, you need to use birth control. Talk to your mom about getting something. I’m sure she’d rather know you are being safe, than have a baby at 14.

  5. yuvalhk Says:

    You will have to tell your mom. for 2 reasons:
    1. she will be able to get you tested.
    2. It will be a way to tell her you are growing to be a woman.
    oh, tere is 1 more:
    3. it is the right thing to do. Think of your future children… How would you feel not knowing about your children?

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