How can you prove if your pregnant girlfried’s baby is really yours before the baby is born?

My son’s girlfriend says she is pregnant with his baby. He says it’s not possible. How can you test paternity? Where do you go for this process? How much does it cost?


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  1. Bridget S Says:

    In Canada, he’s able to have a paternity test done through the courts.

  2. Emily H Says:

    This can be tested during pregnancy through a CVS or amniocentesis. Both of these tests have a risk for miscarriage of 0.5%-1.0% and would cost approximately $2000 (usually up-front). It is not possible for your son to force this test to be performed, his girlfriend would have to consent to the testing.

    There are some websites offering testing through maternal blood for a similar cost. However, there is limited data available on the accuracy of this testing.

  3. **Kesha** Says:

    you can have dna tests before the baby is born but it will cost you. it will involve taking the babies dna which will mean a needle in the girls stomach. she has to consent to it…will she? why is it impossible its his child, is it not his girlfriend?? if hes been having sex with her, that child can be his.

  4. karina Says:

    There is a way to test the paternity of the unborn child. They test the amniotic cells…but it’s EXTREMELY expensive. The test is called amniocentesis but it presents medical risks to the mother and the unborn child. Plus, it’s up to the pregnant girlfriend if she wants to have this test done on her and her unborn child. If you want to take this route — i’d do some research online, but It’d be best to just wait until after the baby is born.

  5. ♥j-LyNn♥ Says:

    You can’t prove paternity before the child is born unless the mother needs an amnio. She can not request an amnio, it has to be medically necessary. Your son will have to request a DNA test from the courts after the child is born.

  6. 28 weeks with baby #1(Noah) Says:

    Is it not his or is he just afraid of being nailed for child support? If they’ve been having sex it very well COULD be his.

    She would have to agree to having this done, and I highly doubt she will. The costs can range from $2,000 on up.

  7. Still_21_nheart Says:

    Did I read this correctly your son’s girlfriend? Why are you in their business like that. Just wait until the child is born. Were you their when they conceived the child? The process is safer for the child. That is still your son and you really need to be neutral on the situation. It never fails that when you get close to a situation and you end up taking sides the parties end up together and you will be on the outside. Please stay neutral.

  8. alicia m Says:

    It can be done, but it has risks. I very much doubt your son’s girlfriend will consent to this and i’m sure you being a mother yourself you would not want to ask that she put a child at rish because your son claims it’s not his……… Alot of men deny they are the father of children simply because they are cowards or are afraid of what thier mom or dad will say, or they think if they deny and talk down about the female that it will go away. it will not……… you should wait until the child is born and can ask for a paternity test to confirm your son is the father. Find it hard to believe it’s not possible for HIS girlfriend to be pregnant w/ HIS baby!.

  9. I love my Angel! Says:

    Most places will not do a paternity test until the baby is born and a couple months old.. During pregnancy they will usually only do a test if the questionable father has some kind of dangerous disease that could be passed to the baby so they would then check the baby because anything done to the baby while inutero can put the baby at risk.. You will more than likely have to just wait it out..

  10. stace0401 Says:

    I happen to know that they do have test that can be administered while she’s pregnant, it’s called Prenatal DNA paternity testing, but the procedure is very harmful to the baby as well as the mother. Not to mention the fact that it’s rarely used for those exact reasons. It would be best to keep an open mind and wait until the baby is born to take paternity, the DNA Diagnostics Center has great reviews, and is used on some shows like Maury and Dr.Phil, and also Judge Hatchett. Good Luck, I hope this information helps.

  11. soparamens Says:

    preatty easy: Let the baby born, then make the test.

    Dont pay any money until ur sure that the baby is your son’s. A mother will do ANYTHING to ensure the $afety of her child… even cheating on that matter.

    Teach you son not to be stup|d and use condoms!

  12. twotone27069 Says:

    I have something to say and I hope you listen speaking from a mother with kids who’s fathers aren’t around first if your son slept with her there’s a Chance it is his…And you know as a mother that sometimes guys regret things they do sometimes …And if you have a son you should already know what the test are called they discuss this all with you during your prenacy …Sorry if i made spelling errors ….But anyway you should know along with that amino’s costs a couple thousand dollars and re not recommended because of high percent of the girl could lose the baby …And i care bout all kids and you shouldn’t want any test done until the baby is born so it come in this world and not be practically murdered before birth because you wanna know if its your sons ..That is completely selfish and you have no respect for the women and her unborn child …So if you wanna know so bad wait until the child comes in this world …then they the child support people handle the DNA tests and such …

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