How can you sell your Placenta?

I’m pregnant and I want to sell my placenta to some drug store or whoever wants it, for medical research… The thing is that I don’t know web pages or information of any company that would buy my placenta.

Don’t say that people don’t buy it, people do. They like eating it, using it for shampoos, or medical research, and almost nothing in this world is free, so they must be buying it from somewhere.

Also, don’t say it is unethical or something like that, for me the placenta is not important whatsoever, I just want the baby. What would I want a piece of meat with me? Personally, I don’t plan on eating it, so someone else can do that.
FYI, Britney Spears sold her placenta online. And yes, there are many people that buy placentas, and evidently if there are human placenta creams, somebody must be buying it.

I’m not desperate for money, but it looks stupid to throw something away that could be sold to someone for whatever money. I think it’s dumb when you plant it or whatever, I’m not that spiritual.


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  1. M Kerr RN L&D Says:


    Sorry but i have NEVER heard of selling ones placenta

  2. l_stewart04 Says:

    Why would they buy it from you when they can get it from the hospital???

  3. Stuck in the middle of nowhere Says:

    You must be very desperate for cash.

  4. Erica M Says:

    I’ve never heard of selling it…I have heard of donating it to a placenta bank (yes, they exist) after the baby is born. There, they use it for medical research.

  5. Amanda!! Says:

    Hahaha, I have never heard of that. What’s the money like? I would do it lol. Ugh if I were you I wouldn’t sell it to someone for consumption though, it’s so cannibalistic, I don’t think I could handle someone eating a piece of me

  6. Poppy: 33 weeks Says:

    No wonder your name is LiveStrange.

    I’ve heard of DONATING it. But not selling it. Not sure why you’d buy something you can get from a donation bank.

  7. mattz_grrl Says:

    I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything like this. I’ve seen shampoo that sometimes contains placenta (from animals), but can’t imagine anyone using shampoo that contains human placenta. If someone were to use your placenta for some type of medical research, I’m sure you’d just have to donate it. Often times you see when someone passes away, they request to have their bodies donated to science/medical research, but not sold for medical research.

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