how can you tell if your pregnant if you had vaginal bleeding around the time af is due?

i was reading about bleeding that may occur around the time your af is due that is the uterus lining shedding before the baby has implanted all the way. they said it looks very much like a period. so how can you tell?
i only wonder because my period was a bit odd this time. it usually starts out heavy and red but this time it was light and pink. then it got heavy and red and i got cramps. the next day it was light brown and very light. and then that night it got red and heavy again. and then it got light and stayed that way for the next two days. i have gotten nauseous to the point where i thought i was going to puke but it was only at night for the past week and my lower back and hips have been killing me. ive been getting slight cramps also. i dont really want to take a test because i feel stupid even asking this question so i dont want to waste a test. i just wanted to know if anyone else has found out they were pregnant after a “period”


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  1. Britt Says:

    Well I found out I was pregnant after I didn’t get my period. But I didn’t have any spotting or anything either, so I would say it really sounds just like an odd period, but you won’t truly know unless you test. So tests aren’t that bad. I would just buy one to put your mind at ease.

  2. Heidi Says:

    Well since you don’t want to take a test (which you can buy at a dollar store for cheap), you are probably pregnant if your period doesn’t show up in the next few months.

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