How can you tell when you are showing if you have belly fat?

hahaha….I know…stupid question, BUT ive always wondered.
Is it better to be skinny when your pregnant?


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  1. mk_staylor Says:

    weight gain is different for every woman. But yes naturally the skinnier you are when you get pg the skinnier youll be after. You normally gain between 26-39 lbs

  2. fuffernut Says:

    I have kind of a big belly, and everytime I was pregnant, I just stopped sucking it in the second I found out I was pregnant. I figured even though I was like 10 weeks along, I was technically pregnant and allowed to let it all hang out!:)

    You can tell the difference, though – when it gets firm, it’s the baby. That usually happened for me between 4 and 5 months along. I don’t think it’s better to be skinny, it’s just easier to see the little ‘bump’ earlier… :)

  3. JessGirl8/24/07 Says:

    They say if your overweight and pregnant that you shouldn’t gain very much weight during the pregnancy just for ur health and the babies.. Once the stomach starts to get hard then the uterus is actually showing.

  4. Silva Says:

    It’s not necessarily better to be skinny – doesnt make any difference.
    And whether you have a fat stomach or a six pack, every woman starts showing at different times.
    I guess, what you are saying is true in the sense that if you already had chubb there, it may take longer for you to start showing and look pregnant.

  5. hoff_mom Says:

    I think “showing” is a broad term. You will know you’re “showing” when your pants no longer fit, when your silhouette looks different to you, when you notice a certain “roundness” happening. It will take others longer to notice. And no matter what size you are, people are hesitant to ask if you’re pregnant unless it’s unmistakable; they want to avoid at all cost asking someone who’s just heavy, “Hey! When’s the baby due?” That would be humiliating for both parties. So expect it to be a while before anyone comments, but you can still enjoy noticing the changes yourself. Congrats!

  6. ris_will Says:

    If you have belly fat and are pregnant the baby bump just pushes the belly fat out even more until you are a few more months along. i had this problem with 2nd baby as i didn’t lose belly fat completly after first and I just felt fatter. Whereas I had a flat tummy with 1st and 3rd and it just popped straight out as a hard rounded baby belly.
    Of course it shouldn’t matter if you are skinnier or not to be carrying a baby, i am just vein!

  7. Jai Says:

    Your going to gain some weight either way so it does not matter.

  8. grayhare Says:

    Belly fat is soft and jiggly. Baby belly is hard. I had some jiggle…okay, PLENTY of jiggle…when I got pregnant, and my stomach was hard before I was even 5 months along (by 14 weeks I was hard, but 19 weeks I was obviously pregnant to anyone who saw me). Really, it’s best to be HEATLHY weight anytime, of course…but even if you’re overweight, you will show your belly.

  9. Momma2B Says:

    women of all sizes can have healthy babies as well as unhealthy babies so i don’t think it is better to be one way or another….it IS important for women to stay healthy through diet and exercise though…i was 115 before i got pregnant and have a HUGE ‘ol belly now! my friend is overweight and gave birth about 3 weeks ago and you could never even tell she was pregnant! i like the pregnant look though so i am glad i have it :)

  10. Lily Says:

    Well I’m (or was!) skinny and I started to get a little bump at 14 weeks… but to most people it probably just looked like I was bloated! My friend is quite plump and she started to get a bump at about the same time… hers actually looked more pregnant than mine. Maybe it depends on how and where the baby is positioned… So I guess it doesn’t matter what size you are really, we are all different!

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