Like when you go and take a test to see if your still a virgin or not?how do they know?what do they do you?&&also if a women is pregnant and she goes to take her pregnancy test and she pees in the stick or whatever how can just peeing on that tell you if your pregnant?

Sorry if I don’t make sence but I think you probably know what I mean?



  1. powerpuffin Says:

    Doctors cannot tell whether or not you’re a virgin. That’s just a myth created and perpetrated by patriarchal societies that want to control women and girls.

  2. Pregnantwiv#2 Says:

    I didn’t think people get check to see if they are a virgin or not, that should be illegal if it is true. But with the pregnancy test the pregnancy hormone Hcg is in the urine and is dected with the test

  3. Alice Catelynn Says:

    They do not have a test to see whether or not you’re a virgin. The only “down-there” indication that you had sex would be a torn hymen, which is a thin layer of skin inside the vagina that bursts during sex. However, having a broken hymen doesn’t always mean you aren’t a virgin – Many girls break their hymen by playing sports, inserting a tampon, etc.

    Regardless, your doctor won’t judge you for having sex!

    A urine pregnancy tests works by testing for a certain hormone that is only present in the urine of pregnant women. You pee on a small part of the stick, and your urine is absorbed up inside the test. Then, a small window on the side of the test displays the result. Some tests have a strip that reacts to regular urine and a strip that reacts only to pregnant urine, so a pregnant woman would get two lines (or a plus sign) and a non-pregnant woman would get one line (or a negative sign). Other tests give you a digital reading.

  4. Michael Says:

    Generally, they know because they ask and you tell them.

    It’s not possible to test for virginity. They could take a look at the hymen, of course, but because it can be broken due to many different things and some women have no hymen in the first place, it is hardly conclusive.

    Pregnancy tests work by checking for a hormone in your urine that you only produce in sufficient quantities to set off the sensor if you are pregnant.

  5. Caly Says:

    Sometimes a doctor can tell if your hymen has been broke which happens when you lose your virginity. But you can break your hymen even if you don’t have sex. If your really athletic or ride horses or if you have ever fell really hard on your vagina it can happen.
    The pregnancy test reacts to the pregnancy hormone in your urine. So if your urine has hCG in it then it will read positive and if it doesn’t then it will be negative ( unless your not far enough along then it won’t show up).

  6. Meisje (may)(sha) Says:

    They can tell if your a virgin sometimes. You have a hymen which can break, that’s what a lot of people refer to as popping your cherry. They can do a pap smear. But your hymen can break doing other activities too, like riding a bike (sometimes). With the pregnancy test, when your pee on it a hormone called HCG registers on it and that is what makes it positive, if its below a 4 it mean your not and above you are. It doesn’t say the numbers though.

  7. Ashleigh Melendez Says:

    They really need sex education at your school dont they?

    ok Ill help ya out the best I can:
    1. Dr. knows if you are a virgin or not by doing an interal exam. They feel around. Your hymn is broke means you have had sex or had something up in there (dildo) but sex most of the time hurts so you know if it breaks or not. Sometimes even the women bleeds from the hymn being broke.
    2. They use their fingers and do an interal exam….feel around (doesnt hurt) and then you will get a pap smear when they put this plastic dildo looking device in your (the sounds more scary and doesnt hurt….all it does is click) and that click is opening your vagina so they can see better inside you. They will use a cottom q tip (big) and then this brush looking thing and scrap around inside. (none of this hurts at all)…. they will probably tell you whats going on while they are doing it!. And while they are doing that they can tell if you have had sex or not.
    3. And a woman can find out they are pregnant by blood work or by a pregnancy test (the pee stick).
    The woman pees on the stick and the stick has some sort of stuff on it that detects a certain amount of HCG.

    HCG: human chorionic gonadotropin: hormone produced early in pregnancy by the placenta; detection in the urine and serum is the basis for one kind of pregnancy test

    Hope this helps!

  8. Tully Says:

    Ditto. They can’t tell if you are a virgin or not. There is no test.
    In regards to the pregnancy test. When you are pregnant you produce extra hormones. These are found in your urine when you go to the toilet.
    The pregnancy test stick that you pee on has special chemicals on it that react with the hormone in your urine, this causes a change in colour so you see the little line or + or whatever that brand does.
    As these hormones are natural in your body it is not 100% as sometimes there’s only a little and it gets missed or there is a little naturally in your urine and so it says + when you’re actually not so it’s always important to follow up a pregnancy test with a doctors visit and blood test if you are unsure. :)

  9. lilypond Says:

    Doctors cannot tell if you’re a virgin or not unless you’re pregnant or have an STD which obviously would tell them you’re sexually active. Your hymen can break at any time, even as a young child, from sports, a bad fall, gymnatics, using tampons, bike riding, horse back riding and all kinds of stuff so there is no real way in knowing when someone is a virgin or not, unless you tell them or have one of the above I named in the beginning.

    As far as a pregnancy test goes… a pregnancy test has an area to determine whether you are pregnant by testing your urine for the HCG hormone which is the hormone that advances in your blood stream and then urine stream when you are pregnant. They can tell if you have this HCG hormone in your blood first and more accurately with a blood test and then after a missed period it is strong enough to be detected in your urine stream so they can also test for it that way, and when you pee on the stick, or in a cup, they test it and if the test comes back positive than you have HCG in your urine and they can determine you are pregnant. Then they usually do a blood test afterward anyways because a blood pregnancy test is more precise and can also help them determine how far along you are, with the help of ultrasound.

  10. Miss Sunshine Says:

    It used to be when the hymen (membrane in the vagina) was torn a woman was no longer a virgin since the act of intercourse would tear it, and that could be seen by a pelvic exam. But since man and science has evolved, it’s been determined that other types of physical activity would also tear the hymen so it’s no longer the standard. A doctor now makes the determination as to a woman’s virginity based on what she tells them. And frankly doctors no longer care if a woman is a virgin, they ask if a person is sexually active in order to be on the look out for STD’s, pregnancy, and abuse. And any more a doctor can not tell your parents (if you’re a minor even) if you are sexually active without your permission, unless they suspect a crime has been committed.

    As for the peeing on a stick…well the test itself measures the level of a hormone called hCg. This hormone is present in the urine of a pregnant woman, but not in a woman who’s not. So when the chemicals of the test are activated by that hormone, it indicates a positive result. Blood tests can also be used to determine pregnancy by checking for the same hormone.

    One thing to remember though…home pregnancy tests aren’t 100% accurate. A woman can be pregnant and still get a false negative result because she did the test wrong, at the wrong time, too soon…etc. And even though it’s rare, a woman can also get a false positive result. If you (or any one else) thinks that they might be pregnant, a trip to the doctor is always the best course of action because a blood test is the most accurate form of test to determine pregnancy.

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