How do I know if my water broke while I was sitting on the toilet?

I was sitting on the toilet trying to poop (as you know you can’t push when your pregnant) and I think that my water broke on the toilet. I didn’t feel like i had to pee and liquid came out of my “area” PLEASE help!
IT came out of the front!


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  1. Grumble Says:


  2. Cynthia Santmyre Says:

    How far along are you? You need to give a little more detail! If you’re concerned, you need to call your ob right away and ask them! Best of luck to you!

  3. sage Says:

    it was probably pee. If you are really concerned or if you are having regular contractions, go to the hospital.

  4. Angela Says:

    when your water breaks, when you walk you will feel as if water is slowly coming out. You will see your underwear or pad full of clear liquid.

  5. snwflk11.09 Says:

    Why can’t you push while pregnant? That’s bullox. Anyway, when you were done on the toilet did you continue to have leaking? Amniotic fluid replaces itself and if your water broke you will continue to leak fluid. If you can’t tell the best thing to do is call your doctor and go into to get swab that will tell you for sure whether it’s amniotic fluid or not.

  6. in ♥ with my baby! Says:

    well I peed and then wiped and as I wiped, more liquid came out. I wiped again, a little more liquid. I knew I was done peeing, we called the Dr and went to the hospital

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