how do u know if you are pregnant by the pluse in your neck?

ive heard fom the older people that if you can see your pulse beating throu your neck thats means u r pregnant. then i heard that if it is beating fast then that means your pregnant. can someone help me get this straight.


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  1. Mommyof2 Says:

    Not true at all.

  2. Sarah -first baby!!- Says:

    I think that is retarded.

  3. Vr Says:

    Not true.

  4. Abi Says:

    Both of those are incorrect statements. I can see the pulse in my neck all of the time, especially if I am under stress or my blood pressure is elevated for some reason. Often times your heart rate does increase while you are pregnant but there are a lot of other things that can cause that as well such as physical exertion, caffeine, medications, etc.

  5. mυм2GaвriεL iη ђєaνєη*ժσв:7.2.09 Says:

    Maybe because the heart beat is faster due to everything that is happening in thebody. But there is no way to tell by heartbeat as the heart could be beating faster due to running, stress, working harder

    God bless x pregnancy is the only way to know x

  6. catty Says:

    Not true. You can see your pulse in your neck anytime your active and it will also be beating faster.

  7. Kelly L Says:

    Its not possible. A teacher told me that when I was pregnant with my first child and she said I wasn’t pregnant when I was in fact so.

  8. jonna7228 Says:

    Nope…It could be a sign of high blood pressure though…

  9. nutmeggy Says:

    Being pregnant can cause your heart to beat harder because it is making more blood to support the baby….but I wouldn’t use that method as a pregnancy test.

  10. LS1223 Says:

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