how do you know if u r pregnant when your tubes are tied?

I had my tubal ligation in 2003 (the kind that looks like a hair clip done right after delivery) I smell things from too far away, i am dizzy i am naucious, i have heart burn that tums wont cure. i feel week and tired all the time.

I tried to take a test and it came out blank the instructions said to get a anther test when it does that…. so great now i have to sweet through another test. longest ten min in the world. :(

Is this even freaking physicable????? this so can not be happening. thats the whole point to getting the tubes tied
Is the normal pregnancy test good for determining. I am not in a place where i can DESCRETELY get a blood test done for that but i dont know how accuarate thats going to be…..


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  1. Mother of four Says:

    This happened to me and sadley is not so uncommin. You NEED to get to the doctor soon. A heavy percent of pregnacies after tubal are tubal. Meaning baby implants in wrong place and it can be fatal.

  2. toomanyshoes4me2 Says:

    do you crave egg mcmuffins. if so, you are not pregnant but one of 48million people who do each day.

  3. lukynluv Says:

    I know girls tubes untied if you didn’t have them burned,good luck and b careful for tubal pregnancy I had that and I did the same thing, all symtoms but baby was in tube, blood test will only tell

  4. bn2nice Says:

    i don’t know but i know that it is possible because my mom had the surgery and she still had me. I’ve had the surgery and so far i have been good. When i am about to start my menstrual i feel like I’m preg. so maybe that’s what it is unless you have skipped some periods than you should get checked out just in case.

  5. taylor5198 Says:

    Depending on how the tubal was performed, yes it is possible. In my case, it would have been an act of God as pieces of the tubes were removed and the cut ends sewed shut. However, with the “belly-button” tubals, it isn’t that “severe” and things can come untied or grow back together.

    The first thing you need to do is go to the doctor and get checked. If you are pregnant, two things are important – that the pregnancy is verified as in the uterus where it should be and that you take care of yourself properly to give your child the best possible start in life.

    Also, never assume you are pregnant. Tragically, my sister did. She had a baby that February and was nursing, so when she had no periods for months, thought nothing of it. When her tummy starting enlarging and she was nauseated, she assumed she was pregnant. She was not!!! In June of that year, she went to the doctor; he told her she was not pregnant but could clearly feel a lump which she had thought was a baby. To keep this brief, they ran tests for weeks, decided her spleen was enlarged, waited to see if it would “go down,” within the month she was in so much pain they performed surgery, the first week of August by this time. The spleen was healthy, but she had an independent malignant tumor which had attached itself to her spleen, spread cancer into her liver and pancreas. She died the day after Thanksgiving, the day before her 21st birthday, leaving behind two babies in diapers.

    Don’t play a guessing game. Go to the doctor.

  6. saintly_angeline Says:

    I would definitely go see a doctor. My sister in law also had a tubal ligation and found out she was pregnant about a few months later. They’re not 100%, she had a tubal pregnancy and they had to remove the fetus or embryo whichever you want to call it.

    It’s still possible and you need to get checked soon, there’s so many things that can happen if you have a tubal pregnancy.

  7. Aaliyah Blaize Says:

    Yea a blood test would be more accurate but i am dealin with the same thing right now my tubes were cut tied n burned in 2004 n i am 2 months pregnant with my 4th child. my Pregenacy tests keep commin back negative but like u i am also havin the same symptoms.

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