How do you know when your dog, rat terrier, is pregnant?

She was bred about 3 weeks or so ago. We think she may be pregnant because she is sitting differently, her nipples look different and she seems to be heavier when held. What are the symptoms for a pregnant dog?
How about everyone stop judging me and just help me out. I’m sorry you all feel that way are so close minded. And no she isn’t a puppy. She is 2 years old! We read books about how and when to breed her none of the books that we read have anything in them about how to tell the dog is pregnant other than taking her to the vet to get her checked out. I didn’t ask this question to be judged and to be told that I am stupid because I bred my dog without knowing what the symptoms are. Would you tell the same thing to a person who asks how to tell when they are pregnant would you tell them well you shouldn’t have had sex if you didn’t know the symptoms of being pregnant…no you wouldn’t you would just tell them what the symptoms are. I’d appreciate the same respect. If you don’t feel it is right that we bred our dog without knowing the symptoms of pregnancy then please do not answer! Thank you to those who have answered with the information that I asked for!


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  1. reddbbird92 Says:

    when the tampon box stays full??

  2. arial39 Says:

    the x-ray wont do any good till they are about 6 weeks along and would be a waste of money to try to do sooner.
    did you see her connect with another dog? if they connected chances are you’re going to have puppies. My mother in laws rat terrier (intentionally and carefully bred and cared for BTW for all you anti breeders) started filling out through the belly after 2-3 weeks she moves differently already and yes her nipples are slightly bigger. id say chances are you’re going to have a litter of puppies, i hope you-re ready :)

    not Everyone who breeds a dog is an irresponsible owner and it gets a little old that every time anyone on here asks a breeding question they get the same treatment, i agree most people shouldn’t be breeding their animals, but i also realize some do and have every right to be able to do so and dint need someone to jump down their throat every time they ask a simple question. even the best breeder in the world had questions at one point.

  3. nodesignerdogs4me Says:


    If you were a responsible breeder you would know that, but chances are you are not and you have no freaing clue what you are doing.
    I bet the dog is notvery old, probably a year old (i can hear you now “that’s old enough to breed.”)

    she’s be bred atleast 6 times in her life and then retired/

    You know a dog is preg. when the owner is too irresponsible to get her fixed.
    she will also have weight gain, larger nipples, change is diet…

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