How far along do you have to be before you can detect if your are pregnant?

If you take a home pregnancy test how fa along do you hav to be for it to detect if you are pregnant?…wat about if you go to da doctor?..because the pregnancy test say you can take it as soon as you hav a missing period but wat if you are only a week pregnant when miss ur period?


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  1. Renee Says:

    I was 5 weeks with my son and 4 with my daughter

  2. Alyssa is 4 months already! Says:

    There are ones that will tell you a week before your missed period.

  3. ..MaRyJaNe.. Says:

    it all depends on ur body & ur hormones..the first time i was 6 weeks & the 2nd time i was 1 month..

  4. pixelscapes Says:

    Most of the home tests have a 98% chance of detecting pregnancy on the first day of your missed period. That’s regardless of when you actually conceived.

    The doctor can do a blood test, but my doctor said the home tests are just as accurate.

  5. Pippin Says:

    A test will usually be accurate by the time your period is late. Most women ovulate about 2 weeks before their period is due, so if you ARE pregnant, you would already be about 2 weeks past conception by then.

    If the test is negative, wait a few days or a week and if you still don’t get your period, test again.

    A blood pregnancy test is usually accurate a few days before the missed period, and some home tests can be accurate that soon as well. But it makes the most sense to wait for your period, because if you get it, you KNOW you aren’t pregnant.

  6. space.soot Says:

    It’s best to wait until your period is supposed to be done.

    There is a pregnancy test that claims to know you’re pregnant the moment it happens. lol. I think it’s first response test. (btw that’s impossible) The test can tell you sooner than most (or at least claims to) but one test is like $15. Just go to the dollar store and buy 7 tests. Use your first mornings pee. If you get 7 negatives. You are probably not pregnant.

  7. katrpillar Says:

    technically there is no “1 week pregnant.” the weeks start at the first day of your last mestrual period. so at “one week” you aren’t pregnant yet. normally women ovulate and are able to conceive at 2 weeks, the baby implants at 3, and you can get a positive result from a pregnancy test at 4.

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