How long after having unprotected sex can you find out if your pregnant or not?

I had unprotected sex about a week ago and i want to know when i can take a pregnancy test to find out for sure. I dont know if im freaking myself out but i’ve been feeling sick lately only usually during the mornings and ive been having cramps lately.


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  1. Mommy2be Nov20,2010 Says:

    I found out 10 days later

  2. <33 natalie's mommy Says:

    it takes 10-12 days to conceive after intercourse. try then.

  3. justme Says:

    i didnt find out until the 19th day after sex.

  4. debbie Says:

    Generally the earliest is ten days after conception. Conception doesn’t necessarily happen when you have sex because the sperm can live inside you a few days and you can only get pregnant when you ovulate. So if you had sex but didn’t ovulate til a few days later then you’d be safer waiting a full two weeks. Most people will ovulate about 2 weeks before their period which is why tests are most accurate the day you expect your period or even after. Test with your first pee of the morning.

    With my first baby I tested the day after my period was due and got a very clear positive. With my second I tested the day my period was due and it was SUPER light, and even a few days later it was super light.

    Try to relax. If this was one of the first times you have had unprotected sex then it is MOST likely you are just freaking yourself out. I know when my husband and I stopped preventing pregnancy, I was kind of freaking out every month for at least the next few months, and it took us a year to get pregnant.

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