How long before the babies first heart beat?

I was just curious how long after knowing your pregnant the baby has a heart beat?? And can you feel like if you put your hand on your stomach or hear it with that scope thing?? Also how long before they move and kick.. can you feel that too? How would it feel?


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  1. mummy to a beautiful boy Says:

    first heard mine at around 9 weeks x x

  2. Dee Says:

    Congratulations though!! I heard my babies heart beat at 8 weeks. Also if you click on the link it will give you what the heartbeat will sound like.

    Baby’s Heart Beat

    Your baby’s heart will begin to beat in the first trimester. Typically this cannot be heard with even a Doppler until the 9-10th week of pregnancy at the earliest, sometimes not until the 12-14th weeks of pregnancy. A baby’s heart beat, often called fetal heart tones (FHT), is very rapid, much faster than an adult’s. In fact it starts out near 180 beats per minute (BPM) and around 12 weeks gestation settles into the normal range of 120-160 BPM for the remainder of the pregnancy.
    Hear a baby’s heartbeat at 10 weeks 2 days gestation, 160 beats per minute (BPM).
    AUDIO Hear the heart beat. (MP3)

  3. Brittany Bolton Says:

    Well, first of all, they have a heartbeat soon after you’re pregnant.
    You can first hear the heartbeat using doppler around 9-11 weeks,
    I heard my baby’s heartbeat the first time at 10 weeks (it was so awesome)

    I first felt my baby moving around 18 weeks? I didn’t know it at first,
    its a strange feeling… I wasn’t even sure that was what I was feeling
    for a couple of weeks so I didn’t say anything to anybody… but you’ll
    learn to recognize the feeling as your baby moving around… its like little
    fluttery twitches at first… I would put my hand on my belly to see if I could
    feel it from the outside at the same time… I couldn’t at first, they were too
    faint and I could only feel it internally… after a couple weeks, about week 20
    it was for sure, I could feel it with my hand also… it was so cool!
    Those little bitty movements get stronger and stronger very fast! Enjoy!

  4. Danielle ♦ C & A's Mommy Says:

    At 6 weeks there is a heartbeat, so for most women the heart is already beating when you find out you’re pregnant. You usually can’t feel the kicking until about 15 weeks onward.

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