How long do I have to wait to find out if my dog is pregnant?

Okay I just breed my dog and how long do I have to wait until I can find out she’s pregnant?? I know with humans you have to wait two weeks to get a true test. How long is it with dogs?


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  1. Marie P Says:

    Give me and your dog a break and get her spayed and aborted if pregnant. You don’t know a damn thing about breeding. Leave the breeding to the responsible breeders.

  2. Mutt Luvr Says:

    I don’t know because I have spayed my dog so I wouldn’t have to ask this question.
    Good Luck, call your vet.

    Dogs and humans are to different things

  3. Alesi's Chi's Says:

    Why would you breed your dog without even knowing the basics? You ‘bred’ your dog, not ‘breed’ her. Disgusting really

  4. Rayven~Summer Troll Patrol Says:

    Take your dog and have her spayed. You have NO business doing something that could potentially KILL her if you do not know the basics. If you don’t know this god knows what else you don’t know about breeding, care of a pregnant female, whelping and raising pups.

  5. Amelia T Says:

    Marie pretty much summed up everything I would say to you except without this…


  6. Mollie SN Says:

    See, most of the people in this section are responsible, caring owners and leaders who have the sense enough not to breed their dogs. As I have had both of my dogs spayed and neutered I will not be bringing a litter of unwanted puppies into the world to be euthanized at a shelter.
    Breeding requires a lot more than just letting your dogs go at it. Thanks for being nothing but a back yard breeder. Keep your hopes high! You might just be running a puppy mill some day!

  7. angelica Says:

    He Nipples will grow and start sagging and she is a moody alot and gaining weight same signs as a human a little but diffrent

  8. reputable breeders breed crap Says:

    30 days after tie take her to a vet and get her palpated.then setup a app to get a xray done at 55 days.i usually let mine tie twice to guarantee the first tie.

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