How long does it take for HCG to show up in your urine after implantation?

I took an EPT about 3 days before I was expecting my period, and it tested negative. However, I ovulated like a week late (my body does a better job telling me when I ovulate than when my period is gonna start), and my period isn’t here and I was expecting it today. A few days ago I felt a little crampy but that’s about it. Except that I’ve been really constipated (I know TMI, but the progesterone can do that if it is a pregnancy), and I’m wiped out and a bit nauseated, and achy.

I want to know if I should wait a week or so cause I know a woman who’s pregnancy didn’t show up on an EPT until the 2nd month, although that’s rare, I don’t want this negative test to get me down, cause my body is telling me, practically screaming “your pregnant!” lol
How early can you see a doctor to know that their tests are going to be accurate?
Ok, and if anyone cares to tell me if they know… when does excessive cervical mucus begin to appear in huge quantities?


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  1. Cecilia M Says:

    Anytime you test before missing a period, you risk testing too early and getting a false result. And symptoms are unreliable indicators of pregnancy because the symptoms could be from all sorts of things and not just pregnancy.

    While it is possible that you are pregnant and just tested too early, the best thing to know for sure is to wait and see if you miss a period, then test. Or just go to the doctor for a definitive answer.

  2. Sicilia Says:

    wait to be late. as soon as a the embryo implants itself into you, it releases HCG chemicals into your blood/urine. only the amounts in the beginning are so small. so you need to wait for your period to be late. which it is, but if you ovulated 1 week late your period wouldn’t relaly be late right now.

    edit: u can call your dr office and see if they can do a urine or blood test in between patients. if they won’t see you then just go to any planned parenthood clinic, they will help you there.

  3. Danielle B Says:

    some times its all depending on your body for the HCG to show up, everyone is different, my advice is take another test in a few days, if its negative, make an appointment with your doctor and ask them to test for the blood. then you can it bsetter.

  4. Sydni's Mommy Says:

    i would wait a couple more days and test again. if it is still negative i would see a doctor for a blood test

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