How many times do my dogs need to tie before she gets pregnant? 10 points best answer?

My male (6months) had ties with my female (8momths) 3 times in the past two days. How many times do they have to tie before she gets pregnant? Is he old enough to be fertile? And don’t answer my question if your just going to give me a lecture because it will fall on deaf ears so only answer if you know.


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  1. Launi *No dog is perfect* Says:

    Fall on deaf ears then. Both dogs are too young. Especially the female. If this ‘mating’ does happen there is a very good possibility your female will: miscarry/whelp dead puppies/need a C section/ die herself.

    So, deaf ears you have a vet lined up for all of this? Do you also have the money? Or are you going to just let her suffer?

  2. bob © Says:

    1) Both dogs are too young to breed! ESPECIALLY the female!!!

    2) It only takes 1 tie.

    3) Hopefully she is not pregnant.

    4) You do realize she could die during pregnancy or whelping because her body isn’t physically mature enough to handle being pregnant, right?

    Congrats on being super irresponsible.

  3. ♥BYBs are money grabbing idiots♥ Says:

    Hes old enough to be fertile but she is just a puppy my god how could you of done that

  4. becca Says:

    It actually could go both ways. Usually when a male ties with a female she gets pregnant. But most males reach sexual maturity at 7 months old. So depending on his breed and how close he is to 7 months old, she just might be pregnant.

  5. ieatgreensheep Says:

    A b*tch can get pregnant with one tie. Not even that always, they dont have to tie for the stud to ejaculate.

    Yes he is old enough to be fertile.

    How freakin responsible are you?? You make dog owners and breeders everywhere proud. :D

  6. Bobbie L Says:

    Great, breeding dogs that are too young. Neither one of them is old enough to have all health and genetic testing done, one example being OFA’d, they have to be at least 2 years old. They aren’t even old enough to obtain any breed championships or working titles.

    What you need to do, first, is start showing. At that time, you’ll find a breed mentor to guide you thru the process after they are old enough and are well on their way to their breed championships.

    You need to have all health and genetic testing done. I will not go any further becaue I know that there will be others to give you the same answers.

  7. racecarsnotdogs Says:

    No lecture here! I just dont get how people can care so little for dogs like you do.

    It really is beyond my belief that people are so uncaring about the animals in ther care to breed them so young, to bring pups into this world like they are some sort of commodoty without any care for thier wellbeing

    You are the lowest of the low and should never own any sort of animal

  8. mauveme49 Says:

    OK deaffy, if you don’t know what the heck are you doing breeding your poor dogs.

  9. Messykatt Says:

    Your female is still a puppy! Are you trying to kill her? This is the equivalent of a 5 year old girl trying to get pregnant. It’s not a lecture, it’s fact, and if it falls on deaf ears, I feel very bad for your poor puppy. This is animal cruelty, whether you like it or not.

  10. Animal Craker Says:

    0. There doesn’t have to be a single tie for the male to get her pregnant.

    That being said I would highly advise against breeding your dogs at this age, and yes they are both old enough to be fertile. At this age your girl is not developed enough to safely carry a litter. Pregnancy will put a great stress on her health and will deprive her of nutrients that she requires to grow into a normal healthy dog. She might not even be developed enough to whelp a litter on her, so you’re putting her life and the life of her pups at risk. Her mental development is also not developed enough to handle a litter. She most likely won’t know what to do and often times young b*tches develop mental issues when allowed to have litters too young.

  11. anne b Says:

    So now we have three inflammatory questions in the few days you have been on this site?
    I suspect a troll.

    If not, please spay/neuter-your attitude is less than desirable for a breeder.

  12. Pink Teacup Pachyderm! Says:

    your dogs are physically old enough to reproduce.. but that doesnt mean you should let them. an 8 month old is still a PUPPY.. you are seriously endangering her life by allowing her to get pregnant this young.

    They only have to tie once for pregnancy to occour..

    Get your dogs spayed and neutered ASAP.. there’s absolutly no reason to let an 8 month old puppy get pregnant! Would you let your 12 yr old daughter go get pregnant? I dont think so.

  13. Joh: think outside the bag Says:

    Did you really expect anything other that derision for asking this question?

    Of course people are going to be up in arms about the irresponsible breeding of two immature dogs! I hope for the sake of your bltch that the dog isn’t old enough to produce viable sperm yet.

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