How soon can a pelvic exam tell you are pregnant?

Long story short, urine and blood tests do not work for me. My mom would be pregnant for 3 months and still test negative on tests…I think I am the same way.
I am three weeks late and an emotional wreck. How soon does a pelvic exam reveal pregnancy?
Lori: Please don’t tell me about “fooling” a blood test or urine test. I don’t want to go into my full medical history, but it’s possible, okay?
I understand where you are coming from with the inept lab, but I was pregnant last year and came up negative on several tests…never tested positive, but had a miscarriage.


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  1. Bunny Says:

    A normal cervix will appear pinkish in color. The cervix will appear as purplish in color if a woman is pregnant. The doctor will see this immediately upon examination of the cervix.

  2. ♥ I'm a Lil_Asian ♥ Says:

    2 days- a week

  3. Lori K Says:

    Ridiculous. You can’t fool either a blood test or a urine test. If your mother had trouble, it was with an inept lab.
    By the 10th day of pregnancy, a blood test is 99% accurate. By the 6th week of pregnancy it is 100% accurate.

  4. quisy Says:

    If a pelvic ultrasound doesn’t show it as early as 1 week after a missed period then you are not pregnant maybe you should request one of those.

  5. Leanne Says:

    Most likely lets say around 4-9 weeks, they just check the size of the uterus to tell when you concieved, every women is different that’s why it’s hard to pin point, good luck.

  6. lemmonlake Says:

    I believe a pelvic exam can determine around 5-6 weeks. Check with your doctor though; they are the only ones that can determine that.

    Good Luck!

  7. CSW Says:

    With each of my four pregnancies the doctor was able to see the heartbeat at 6w2d from LMP via an endovag ultrasound. If you’re three weeks late, you should be able to get an answer by seeing the doctor and having the ultrasound.

  8. martin_nickey Says:

    as sonn you miss a period some sooner

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