How soon do your nipples start to darken when pregnant?

How soon do your nipples start to darken when you become pregnant?
My nipples look almost purple but the rest of the areola is normal…


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  1. smedlynf Says:

    End of the first trimester and in the second trimester. They should enlargen first then get darker.

  2. yorkie Says:

    mine didn’t.

  3. Poppy is pregnant with baby #1 Says:

    I’m a little over 15 weeks and mine are still the same color.

  4. Genee' Says:

    Each pregnancy is different just the way each child is.

    They may or they may not. However, they do get larger. Mine secreted in later months and some women said their’s did not.

    It depends.

  5. allgiggles1984 Says:

    each woman is different.

  6. Lucie H Says:

    My whole nipple and areola darkened fairly early on, and got a lot bigger as well. This went back to normal a couple of months after my daughter was born.

  7. nicki Says:

    my nipples have become enormous (im 13 weeks preg by the way). I heard they do become darker, it depends on the color of ur nipple before pregnancy.if they’re pink i heard they get brown.and if they’re brown i heard they get black.everyone’s different but u should start seeing changes (if any are going to happen) sometime during the 2nd trimester.

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