How to get my wife pregnant ?

Hello Dear all,
We got married before a year. We will celebrate our wedding anniversary after two days. And we both want a baby.

So please guide me How we should do and what we should do to increase the chances of being pregnant. We dont use condoms or any contraceptions. ..

Any specific position? Any specific precaution? Or any specific technique to increase the chances..
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  1. Cutebel Says:

    I heard that loads of people who cant get pregnant went on vacation and came back pregnant.
    its because they relax and don’t think about stressful things.
    Id really advise this.

  2. Alma Morrison Says:

    your labor

  3. . Says:

    I don’t know but what I studied in Biology says that if you want a baby you have to do it around the 14th day of her period, starting three days before the 14th and ending three days after, means between the 11th and the 17th, because that’s when the womb is ready for pregnancy and her eggs are ready to perceive, it could be that you have been avoiding those days and that’s probably why she didn’t get pregnant, so you have to know when her period usually starts, I’m guessing she has a regular one, you start with the first day of her period and count to the 14th of her period on your calendar, that’s the date you should be working around, and btw it’s not as complicated as it sounds, all women should know this.

    Oh and btw, if you she gets pregnant early, around the first three days then it’s a girl, if in the last three days then it’s a boy.

  4. lifecare coach Says:

    First of all get yourself and your wife medically checked. If one of you or both require any treatment take it. She should be fertile and you also should have sufficient sperm count to make her pregnant.

    Consult a gynecologist. She will advise the fertile days of your wife based on her monthly cycle and then you should have intercourse during those days. While having intercourse put a pillow under the hips of your wife and after you ejaculate she should lie flat for about ten minutes. This may help you in getting what you both are wishing.

    Alternatively you can try for test tube baby.

  5. Carl john Says:


    Avoid hot tubs. The high heat of hot tubs can kill off sperm and prevent it from fully maturing. It’s important to keep your testicles cool so avoid hot tubs or limit the time you spend in one to under 30 minutes. You should also avoid other high heat sources like saunas, long hot baths/showers and heating pads in that area as well that can decrease your fertility.

    Wear loose underpants, avoid restrictive underwear. Throw out the tighty whitey’s and go for boxers. If that is just too much change for you and you need more support, then go for boxer briefs, just make sure they are not too small or tight fitting. Wearing looser underpants will help keep your testicles cool, which is good for having a healthy sperm.

    To keep your sperm count high, save it for intercourse only. Especially around the time your wife is ovulating (anywhere from 10-16 days after the start of her last period. It happens in the middle of the time from the start of her last period to the start of the next period.) You want to make sure you save your active fertile sperm for the time around ovulation so the egg has a better chance of meeting up with viable sperm.

    During your wife’s ovulation period, it is important to have sex frequently. So even if you are tired after a long day, if it’s during that time frame, just go for it!

    Make sure you are getting enough zinc. Studies have suggested a link between zinc deficiencies and low sperm counts in men. To make sure you are getting adequate zinc, make sure you are eating meat, whole grains, seafood and eggs. And to be certain, take a daily multi-vitamin that contains zinc.

    Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy sex. Try to avoid making it feel like a lot of work or like a test. Just know your wife’s cycle and the best time frame for getting her pregnant and make it good. Don’t focus on trying to impregnate her the whole time or the pressure could make it too much of a chore. Just do what you do best and enjoy it. If it doesn’t work this time, keep doing everything else right to keep those little guys healthy down there and try again.

  6. priyanka c Says:

    just have sex without any precaution like condoms,pills etc
    have fun lolzzz

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