How to make a homemade pregnancy test?

I know they’re is a few homemade pregnancy tests, but I’m not for sure what they are. Can anyone help me?
And please don’t tell me to go buy one.


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  1. liz Says:

    Ok I wont tell you to go buy one, but I also have never heard of homemade pregnancy tests so cant help you there either. Maybe someone else will have the receipe for you.
    Best of luck.

  2. Pipsicles Says:

    Is it really worth chancing….?

    Wait 9 months, if a baby comes out you were pregnant,

  3. LEW Says:

    Well i was going to say there was no such thing but im wrong apparently there is. Go to look up how to make a pregnancy test kit. there are several listed. Good luck.

  4. N Says:

    A home made pregnancy test? Do they even exist and are you really sure you want to trust a ‘home made’ test for something as serious as a baby?

    Go and buy one ya tight ass, they only cost a dollar!!

  5. Samantha Says:

    i heard if u pee on bleach and if it fizzes then that means u may be pregnant

    mix wheat and barley ( if u can find some lol) together then pee on them and if it germinates then that means u may be pregnant ( the egypians did this years and years ago)

    there also another one with a dandelion u take all the leave of the dandelion place them on some plastic and leave then outside for and hour then pee on them and if red spot come up on them then u could be pregnant ( red spots may take a couple hours to come up)

    or a pregnancy test from ur local chemist would make things so much easier

  6. Shawnna Says:

    You can get them for like 3 bucks. You could find that much change on the sidewalk if you needed to.
    Find a crisis pregnancy center and go there for a free test if you dont have 3 bucks.

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