How to tell your pregnant while on Depo Shot?

Ive been on the Depo Shot for about a year now. Me and my husband don’t use condoms.. Lately ive been feeling different.. Always tired.. Sometimes smells make me sick to my stomach. Ive been crampy. Mood swings.. I dont get a period with the depo.. I havent had a period in like 7 months. So i was just wondering how to tell your pregnant.. Ive taken a test.. It was negative.. I dont know if its to soon.. I just need answers. No rude comments please.
I has 10 days late for my last shot.


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  1. JP Says:

    Wait and retest in 2 weeks.

  2. proud teen momma 2 b Says:

    i was on depo for 3 years. Then i missed a shot one time, n 6 months later, got pregnant. Never while on it tho. idk. Take another test in a few weeks. Good Luck :)

  3. Sunflower Says:

    If y ou are having symptoms of pregnancy, see your doctor about a blood test or exam to check if you are pregnant.

  4. *Rena* Says:

    Test again in a week or two. The depo shot has some nasty side effects, and you may just be experiencing them. You realize the depo shot may cause infertility right?

  5. Jessica Says:

    It’s very unlikely that you would get pregnant while on the depo provera. It would be extremely rare that you would get pregnant while on Depo. If you do get pregnant on depo it’s because you haven’t kept up with the shot and gotten them at the right time of each month. You should go to the doctors and get a urine/blood test done to make sure but Depo is supposed to be one of the most effective methods of birth control so I highly doubt that you would be pregnant. Sometimes, especially when we are ttc (trying to conceive), we tend to mistake every little change in our body for a pregnancy symptom so just don’t convince yourself that you’re pregnant quite yet. You need to go to the doctor’s asap because some women will not get a positive hpt (home pregnancy test) until 7-8 weeks into their pregnancy so to make sure you’re not pregnant and keep up with your shots, you should go get a blood test done.

    **If you think you’re pregnant DO NOT get the next shot.

  6. Night Willow Says:

    The only real thing to do at this point is wait and take another test in about a week. Normally you would have to wait a week or so after a missed period before you could get an accurate test result, since you haven’t had periods for awhile use the date of your first test as your starting point. If the test is still negative and you are still feeling “different” I would check with a doctor for verification or alternate causes.

    These things happen and it is possible you could be pregnant (I am currently 33 weeks pregnant after having been surgically sterilized a year ago), but it is more likely to be something else. The important thing is to listen to your body and have anything that concerns you checked out.

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