If a women is 3 months pregnant why didnt she know it until now arent your suppose to miss your period?

Its this lady that stay up the road from me and she has been pregnant for 3 months and didn’t know it.So im wondering how could she not have known if you get pregnant your cycles are suppose to go away.. I also heard alot of other people say that they didn’t know..my question iks why? thanks


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  1. ladystang Says:

    don’t want to believe it

  2. Ashley_101 Says:

    You can still get your period even when you are pregnant so she might have been still getting it and didn’t have any other symptoms.

  3. Lauren Says:

    I know as soon as im pregnant so it bugs me when people turn up like 4 months pregnant but i guess a lot of people don’t keep track of their cycles or have naturally off cycles so it seems normal to them.

  4. mamato2 Says:

    Have you ever seen the show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”? Some women don’t know they’re pregnant until they’re really far along, even some don’t find out until they’re actually ready to deliver. It’s hard for a lot of people to believe but a lot of times they are pretty much in denial and attribute their symptoms to other things going on in their life – sometimes they are on birth control and can’t believe it could have failed, sometimes they take a pregnancy test and it comes up negative, sometimes they have bleeding episodes during the pregnancy that makes them think they are still having their period, sometimes they don’t gain much weight or don’t get a big belly, etc. Not everyone that gets pregnant can see it so obviously, and if you absolutely believe that you can’t possibly be pregnant, and if you don’t look obviously pregnant, it’s easy to blame the symptoms on something else.

  5. dairy queen Says:

    some times, some women continue having periods during their pregnancy. the first month, maybe through their 3rd or 4th. and some women just don’t pay attention to when they get their periods, that’s assuming they’re very busy and are always on the go. i don’t know your neighbor so…

    or maybe she just didn’t want anyone to know and that’s the only thing she could say was that she didn’t know she was preggo.

  6. Trust me I'm a Doctor ♥ Says:

    Some women do actually get regular bleeding in early pregnancy, pretty much like a period. You don’t put any weight on in the first 3-4 months as a rule because the baby is the size of a peanut at this stage. Not all women get morning sickness or other pregnancy symptoms.

    She could well have not known she was pregnant or she could have known all along and is just pretending she didn’t know so that everyone makes a fuss of her. You’ll never know.

  7. Cat Says:

    I don’t know how some women don’t know when I was pregnant I knew right away. But I know a girl that didn’t know she was pregnant until 30 wks, than my sister in law who found out at 24 wks.

  8. Adrianne Says:

    Not everyone has a regular cycle. I have 2 friends with PCOS who get 4 or 5 periods a year, and there’s no way of predicting when it will come!

    Some spotting during pregnancy can happen to some women. I suppose these women just don’t pay any attention to the fact that it’s a light flow, or that it’s coming at an odd time. (However, any bleeding during pregnancy is cause for an immediate doctors visit – no one continues to get a regular period during pregnancy.) It’s a mistake to think that bleeding during pregnancy is your period, but some women just don’t know better – especially if they don’t know they’re pregnant!! Another thing is that some women just don’t keep track. Their period comes when it comes – they might not give any thought to when it’s due, or when the last one was.

    Also, some women have very few symptoms. No morning sickness, etc. I feel gigantic already, but some women are a bit heavier and don’t really notice the extra weight. I am 14 weeks, and my pants are JUST starting to get too small. So, 3 months pregnant and not knowing it could be possible, from a physical standpoint.

    There was a woman in my local news who delivered at home after not knowing she was pregnant, but she was older and assumed it was menopause. He husband had a vasectomy years ago, but after getting checked out, they found out the surgery was botched. So she had no reason to think it was possible, considering their precautions, and attributed the symptoms to another hormonal stage of life. :)

  9. TTC for 3 years Says:

    My mother and father had no idea she was pregnant with me until she delivered me 24 weeks prematue in ’87. My mother never showed with me. Some women do not experience typical pregnancy symptons, each pregnancy is different. My mother was on birth control 6 months prior to concieving my now 8 year old brother so she didn’t find out she was pregnant with him until she was 6 months pregnant. I just thought she was getting fat. You cannot get your period when you are pregannt, you can however have light bleeding or spotting during the first trimester which women mistake for a period. It is actually common for women to bleed during their first trimester. Some women who have irregular cycles (like me) may skip a period but that is normal for them so they don’t automatically assume they are pregnant. You should watch the show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” on DHC or TLC. A lot of the women on the show had no idea they were pregnant until they went into the hospital and were told by the doctors they were pregnant.

  10. Miss Morgan Says:

    Some women don’t have regular periods, so missing one wouldn’t be abnormal and they wouldn’t suspect anything.

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