Needle and String myth?

Does any one know how to do the needle and string? and how true is it?

A couple of days ago at work, one of my coworkers sensed that some one my be pregnant. She told me that she sensed it was me. I told her that I very much doubt that lol. But check this out, about a month she sensed someone is pregnant and told one of my coworkers that it my be her. Two weeks later she found out that she was pregnant.

So back to my story she told me that she thinks I’m pregnant. I asked her “how to do you know?” She said, ” Get a needle and string. Its tells you if your pregnant. You can do it at home.”


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  1. talaan! Says:

    Never heard of it…
    Wait until you miss a period and take a preggerz test.

  2. Delilah Says:

    You gotto love old wive’s tales: Seems that one has more to do with gender of the child though?

  3. dell Says:

    my sister did that it didnt work

  4. Sue Says:

    Probably dowsing.

    Ok quick dowsing lesson. Get an object that can be dangled on string (in this case a needle but you can use anything like a ring, pendant, anything at all that the string can be attached to and used as a pendulum) Hold it up in your non dominant hand (so if you’re right handed hold it in your left, and vice versa for left handers)

    Mentally ask the item to give you a ‘yes’ answer. Note which way it swings.

    Mentally ask it for a ‘no’ answer – again note how it moves.

    Mentally ask it for a ‘dont know’ answer and same as above.

    Ok now you have established which way your personal pendulum ‘answers’ then ask it a few test questions, ask questions that you know the yes or no answers to.

    Once you’ve established that it works you hold the pendulum above whatever it is you’re asking about and go through a series of questions with a yes or no answer. Like ‘am I pregnant’ ‘is it a boy’ etc.

    Not everyone can get the pendulum to move, which means lots of people don’t believe it ever works. Also this dowsing method of divination is notoriously difficult to get a right answer from, however I’ve had good results finding lost items and it did once get nearly all the winners in a greyhound racing night! Never tried establishing whether a woman is pregnant tho :)

    If you like dowsing using the pendulum you can take it to many levels, from asking for healing to finding lost items.

    Good luck, and all the very best if it does turn out that you’re pregnant.

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