What happens if you get pregnant on the pill?

If you were to get pregnant on the mini pill and not notice until you were showing, would it harm the baby? And if so how? The reason I am asking is that loads of women don’t have periods whilst on the mini pill so how would they know they were pregnant? And if they kept taking their BC for a couple of months what harm would they do to their baby?
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  1. Danielle Rack Says:

    I don’t believe so but it would be best to ask your doctor… plenty of people fall pregnant on the pill and go on to have happy and healthy babies…

  2. Kathy G Says:

    If you don’t have periods on the mini pill then you might not know you are pregnant, you are right. The only way to know is to do a urine pregnancy test every month or two, or stop your pills for 5 days and you should bleed and then go back on (won’t ovulate, it’s ok). BCPs do not cause pregnancy harm, but an undiagnosed pregnancy that is far along is not a good idea without prenatal care, a good accurate due date, blood work, pelvic exam, etc.

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