When is a woman most fertile?

and how long do i need to wait after intercourse to take a pt?


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  1. JRPG Says:

    I was always told 5 days before your period and 5 days after your period. You should wait to take a hpt until after your missed period.

    They have those ovulation kits in the store. Why not go get one of those and it will tell you when your ovulating than you know when to have sex.

  2. Amanda Says:

    You are fertile for about 5-6 days approx 14days after the first day of your last period. You can chart your fertility for free at fertilityfriend.com Many women have done so and said they got pregnant fast when keeping track. This is my first month trying so we shall see if it is true for me also. Also, it is BEST to wait until the day your period should be here but isnt. Or 14-16 days after the day you ovulate. That website is very helpful and once you are pregnant you can chart your pregnancy progress. Theres alot of information and puts it so you can understand without having a medical degree. haha. Well good luck and best wishes!!

  3. sleepless in seattle Says:

    A woman is most fertile during her ovulation time.
    Few days before ovulation are considered fertile too, because the vaginal mucous (the liquid discharged from vaginal wall) during these days can store & keep sperms up until 5 days /until ovulation time(depends on the mucous & sperms condition).

    So, since you are trying to conceive, it is important to know when is your ovulation time.
    Normally we ovulate 14 days BEFORE THE NEXT menstruation time. But as we know, we don’t always have excactly the same cycles every month; sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.

    There are several ways to know your ovulation time:

    1. Calendar method. This method is not too accurate, but can give you rough estimation of ovulation time.
    If your menstruation cycle is 28 days, the ovulation time is the 14th day, with the first day of menstruation marked as the 1st day.
    If your cycle is more/less than 28 days, just add/deduct the difference to 14 (e.g: for 30 days cycle, ovulation time is 16th day).
    this method can only be used for regular menstruation cycle.

    2. Hormonal test. You can buy the test kit at local pharmacy. The kit wil tell you whether you are on your fertile period or not, based on your hormone level; most of them works by detecting LH (Leutenizing Hormone) that gets higher toward ovulation time.
    But this can be costly if you completely don’t know your ovulation time. So, normally we have to estimate our ovulation time first (see no.1)

    3. BBT (Basal Body Temperature) method. This method quite accurate to mark your infertile period. AFTER ovulation until menstruation time, progesterone level in our body is high, that increase our basal temperature about 0.3-0.5 degree (Celsius); this is infertile period. The fertile time is during the NORMAL basal temperature. So if you are trying to conceive, the intercourse must be done BEFORE the temperature increase.
    In order to know your normal & increased temperature, you have to take your temperature everyday, first thing in the morning, just after you wake up before you do anything else (even before you rise from bed), at about the same time. There are several things that affect our body temperature too, like fever, stress, fatigue, etc; so this method can be misleading sometimes.

    4. Billing Ovulation Method. Our vaginal mucous characteristics differ troughout our menstruation cycle, according to hormone changes. The infertile discharge is (generally) sticky, opaque, or dry; while the fertile tends to be stringy, clear, slippery, like raw egg white. Not every woman can SEE the vaginal discharge, but we can always FEEL it. For more information visit http://www.woomb.org or contact the nearest BOM instructors.

    As for the pregnancy test; some are sensitive enough to detect the pregnancy within a week. But to be sure, it is better if we wait after we miss the menstruation.
    For both of my children, i got positive test results 1-2 days after the suppossed menstruation.

    I hope this can help

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