When you are pregnant do your boobs start to hurt from the sides?

When you first started feeling your boobs hurt, how far along were you in your pregnancy?
Where did they start hurting first?
Did you just wake up one day and they hurt like hell?
or did they slowly start to get sore?
Do any pregnant women’s breasts not hurt as bad as others?
How bad would you say is the pain?


7 Responses to “When you are pregnant do your boobs start to hurt from the sides?”

  1. flashthemelcabalan Says:


  2. Ray~~ Baby #1 due May 3, 2010!! Says:

    Breast tenderness was one of the first symptoms I had, about a week before my missed period, but I didn’t have any excruciating pain, and it was mostly the nipples that were (are) sore. Only the outsides are sore after I take off my bra.

    I hope this helped!!

  3. CeciliaM Says:

    Mine never hurt until I started breast-feeding. you can’t rely on breast tenderness to be a symptom of pregnancy.

  4. Jordan Says:

    My boobs hurting was the first sign I was pregnant! I was about 5 weeks when they started hurting.
    They hurt like hell when I didn’t wear a bra or when they were touched. They started hurting in my nipples…then they just hurt everywhere. x_x
    They just started hurting…it wasn’t gradual.
    I’m pretty sure the pain varies for everyone.
    Hurt like hell for me.

  5. ilovegigi1099 Says:

    With my first baby I didn’t really feel any pain, with this pregnancy at the very beginning my boobs felt sore and also itchy the pain felt like if I slept on them all night.

  6. Incharge of 3 girls & 1 husband! Says:

    Yes, they were so sore nobody could touch them/come near them/brush against them! Yesi just woke up, the pain at the time was 8/10 but compared to labour 2/10! I was about 5weeks, it stopped about 14weeks

  7. Nicole W Says:

    My breasts started hurting the week i was supposed to get my period. They hurt differently then they have ever hurt before. They did hurt on the sides, like when my arm would rub against them. I thought i had a lump or something because of the way they hurt. I had my husband check them every day because i was sure i had breast cancer. I was so scared until a week after i missed my period and then i took a test and it came up positive.

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